Angela Abderhalden
Mel Addison. Likes: Maid Rites. Dislikes: Maid Wrongs.
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Returning to her small town of Quincy, Illinois, Melissa 'Mel' Addison comes home to heal. After the tragic loss of her husband and only child in a car accident, she must move on with life. Taking a job with her brother's detective agency, she thinks that she'll be just answering phones, taking messages and playing secretary.

On her first day, she's confronted by a man with a gun. This begins her journey to discover who is behind the sudden rash of dead bodies in Quincy. In doing so, she must confront her past and deal with her own broken heart at the same time.

During the investigation she meets up with a police Detective, Max Bauer. He wants to get to know her better but is exasperated by her'interference' and need to solve 'his' murder cases. He falls for her and
knowing she isn't ready for a new relationship yet, waits patiently.

Can she make the journey to heal her heart and go on with life? Or will her past lead her to the murderer with the intent of making Mel his last victim?

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Questionable Ethics, Unintentional Victim, and Inevitable Reaction.
Questionable Ethics
Unintentional Victim
Inevitable Reaction
The third book in the series, Inevitable reaction, will be coming soon!
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